The Truth About Space Debris

The Truth About Space Debris

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Writer/Narrator/Editor: Brian McManus
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50 thoughts on “The Truth About Space Debris

  1. If USA, RUSSIA and CHINA do Anti-Satellite Test, then it is okay, there is no Space Debries, No Danger to Space Station, No Worries…..
    But If, India did an Anti-Satellite Test, then Space is Under Attack buy Space Debries……
    Wow! Welcome to the World Of "Hypocrisy"

  2. USA is responsible for creating more numbers of space debris but still USA keep blaming other countries. Every country has rights to defend itself and India has taken defensive step by testing its anti satellite missile because USA, Russia, China have already tested this kind of technology so India have full rights to test this technology in order to defend its self from enemies aggression in space

  3. For the first time I disliked his video….. extremely biased …..
    I mean the Americans and the Russians shot down tens of satellites ….no problem there.
    Also the growing problem is not the space debris generated by ASAT rather the 90% of the rocket parts that end up in orbit …

  4. The problem isn't nearly as bad as people think including most engineers. There are ways we can get rid of it, nobody just wants to pay the bill until somebody loses enough to cause a panic.
    Then everyone will ask why nothing was done before, nothing usually gets done before the disaster and it's almost always seen well before the event and ignored.

  5. India tested its anti satellite missile in lower Earth orbit (LEO) and debris in LEO decay or burns in atmosphere while falling back to earth. So there is nothing so wrong India have done by testing its anti satellite missile, if India is wrong then USA is also wrong because they are responsible for creating huge numbers of space debris since 50 years

  6. India's test was very responsible. It was done in low earth orbit to avoid the same debris problem.

    DRDO, the Indian agency that conducted the test has officially said that almost all the debris will return to earth within 45 days or so.

  7. I have questions about space debris
    1. Can we use a high power laser to 'evaporate' smaller debris, which cross satelites trajectory?
    2. Can we use a high power magnetic field to deflect small debris?

  8. (2:55) – The collision of two satellites on the same orbital path is no surprise.
    The debris produced by the collision is another story.
    Such debris is more than likely to be "sucked" into the Earth, gravitationally, than interfering with any other manmade satellite.
    Sorry, but you're just plain wrong.
    The statistics don't back you up.

  9. USA is the country which is responsible for polluting space by creating huge numbers of space debris since 1950s but USA blames developing countries like India for space debris. USA is very selfish and coward country, forget about USA accepting there mistakes but they start to blame others…. Wow outstanding

  10. I really like your videos. But please don't put Truth into the title. There are many videos by charlatans claiming to be the truth about this or that and it would be a shame if you were associated with them.

  11. One minute, if the shuttle had 45 pieces of damage in one mission, the international space station would be swiss cheese by now. Are you getting these figures from the unreliable nasoles, they like 99% of space agencies have the snakes double tounge as a motif, go see.
    No I'm not a flat earther, but i know we never went to tbe moon. People before slagging me off, please google "symbols of international space agencies", they pretty much all admit to talking with forked tounge in their symbols, go, see.

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