The Extraordinary Hubble Space Telescope

The Extraordinary Hubble Space Telescope

How did the Hubble Space Telescope revolutionise astronomy and surpass all expectations?

DCODE how it has guaranteed new discoveries about the universe, in this fascinating 2016 series – Space’s Deepest Secrets.


25 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Hubble Space Telescope

  1. Scientism is a false belief system and is the grandest of deceptions from the controllers of this world. Scientism stands in direct opposition to God and calls God’s holy word a lie. There is hope in Jesus Christ who shed his blood on the cross for our sins. Cry out to him for mercy today while he is still near to hear you.

  2. Just pointing something out. 6 of the seven astronauts are considered to be alive from recent pictures of them, also having the same name. If its not true, i know its a tragic story, but all im trying to say is that nasa constantly talks bullshit.

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