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The BlackBerry Key2 will be featured on June 7th

And yet, the [amazon_textlink asin=’B073ZLLVQ9′ text=’BlackBerry’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mdsh-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6d0fbf79-58df-11e8-8b54-577baa6795db’] is still in the game of smartphones, after the last difficult years of anecdotal sales. In invitations sent to selected journalists, BlackBerry announces that its next top BlackBerry Key2 smartphone will be featured on June 7th at a special event. And for this model, BlackBerry will work with the Chinese manufacturer TCL as it happened for last year’s flagship company, KEYone. The invitation may not mention anything about the technical features of the device, but it gives us its name.…

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Microsoft New Tech

With Your Phone app, Microsoft is bringing closer smartphone and PC

With Your Phone app, Microsoft is bringing closer smartphone and PC.Closer wants to bring your smartphone to your computer, so it is about to present an important Windows 10 application called [amazon_textlink asin=’1433552434′ text=’Your Phone.’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mdsh-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’dc75fe34-575f-11e8-b70b-4d15a433e5ef’] The application that will soon be available to those who participate in the Windows Insider Testing Program supports a connection to [amazon_textlink asin=’B078NCL7GK’ text=’Android smartphone’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mdsh-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f6658ceb-575f-11e8-b8d5-610af37d8020′] or [amazon_textlink asin=’B075QN8NDH’ text=’iPhone’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mdsh-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’06d2918b-5760-11e8-ba2c-93bdf8d7010b’], allowing the user to see his mobile screen through the application and on his…

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New Tech Virtual World

The HTC Vive Focus is HTC’s answer to Oculus Go

HTC chose HTC’s unveiling of HTC Vive Focus, the company’s response to Oculus Go, in its standalone virtual reality systems that combine state-of-the-art technologies and do not need to connect to a computer or smartphone to function. Having decided to take a serious look at this area after Vibe’s release a few years ago, HTC has introduced a new wireless system that does not require external sensors since it has the ability to locate the actual user’s location in the three-dimensional space. A similar system also features Mixed Reality systems…

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New Tech

What should you watch before buying a headset?

An accessory that will accompany you everywhere. Which will work perfectly with each and every device? It will give you perfect sound and unique moments of isolation. It will bring you in touch with all those waiting to hear you. In a word, the headset. Quite mistaken as in the eyes of many, the lice look more convenient and comfortable. And yet, the benefits that a headset is able to offer, there is no other type of headset. The amazing combination of top-notch sound quality – thanks to the great…

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