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Every year, Samsung at CES has an impressive presence. So this time, she wanted to pull out all the looks on her with [amazon_textlink asin=’B06XGJX3SF’ text=’Samsung The Wall TV.’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mdsh-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’3e51bf67-55bb-11e8-a315-ff6ca53c8150′]

So what is this … Samsung wall? The Samsung Wall is the company’s ambitious plan besides a television, to present us with a new technology. Specifically, MicroLED TV technology. Aside from the huge size of 146 inches, the new Samsung TV is also impressive for its self-shining pixel. But let’s take things in turn.

What is MicroLED Technology?
MicroLED technology, in simple terms, is much smaller LEDs that are capable of being illuminated. In a way that looks pretty much like an OLED TV. MicroLEDs do not require secondary backlighting, so they are brighter than traditional LEDs and the TV can turn them on or off at will.

According to a Samsung representative, MicroLED technology is superior to OLED, as it has a huge contrast and deep black while at the same time it has much higher brightness for impressive HDR results. The same agent pointed out that because of OLED organic features, there is the problem of so-called burn-in. A static image, that is, to be imprinted on television for a long time. This problem with MicroLED technology does not exist.

Along with all of the above, Samsung has said that MicroLED TVs will be able to connect with each other with great ease if you did not reach 146 inches.

The Wall’s Design
The TV is huge. Besides, one understands it only from the number. 146 inches, it’s unlikely you put it in your living room. Wanting to make a forecast, MicroLED is almost certain to be released at 55 and 65 inches to find its way into the market.

Designed without any visible frames around the screen, it is surrounded by a one-piece glass, edge-to-edge. In other words, in the case of connections of 2.3 or 4 MicroLED TVs, the disturbing black lines will not appear in the joints.

Sure, this is a TV that will change the data so far, because thanks to MicroLED technology, Samsung will gain the worthy opponent it has been looking for over the past years against the OLED. And with the extra features, it seems to have, MicroLED shows the future.

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