Lower than expected results for this year’s iPhone sales

Apple has recently announced lower than expected sales for this year’s iPhone, which has affected the company (and not only) in multiple industries. As Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said, one of the reasons for these unexpected results was the battery replacement program launched by the company in early 2018.

The pressure was exerted on the company to launch this after the “throttling” fiasco: Apple influenced the performance of some iPhone without the consent of the users. This tactic was applied to devices that had a problem with their batteries.

The program, which expired on December 31, 2018, allowed owners of iPhone 6 or newer models to change their battery for a price that was significantly lower than what was initially requested.

The number of users who used the program was much higher than expected and, according to AppleInsider, it has reached 11 million.

Apple’s estimates reached about 1-2 million, which was far from reality. If we want to make some assessment, then we can estimate that without the program, about a third of users would buy a new device. With an average of $ 800, that means Apple may have lost somewhere at $ 2.4 billion …

It is unclear how affected the program the sales of new iPhone, which were released towards the end of the year. But it is sure that there will be an increase in sales after the end of the program.

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