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Instagram, puts an end to fake likes & followers

Instagram, puts an end to fake likes & followers

It is known that there are several services on the market that are meant to give false likes and follow to the account maintained on well-known social networking sites like Instagram at the right price.

Instagram wants to put an end to this practice which, in the long run, hurts the service itself by putting artificial learning to identify such cases. According to the announcement, Instagram will immediately begin deleting non-original likes, follow-ups and commentaries from accounts to increase their popularity.

To this end, Facebook, which has acquired Instagram, has developed a variety of tools to track accounts using similar services, initially going through the elimination of all bogus activity.

For now, Instagram is clear that those who have chosen such services do not risk losing their account, but when bots are used, they will need to change their code.

However, Facebook has also announced a similar move, where it cleared 1.5 billion (yes, billion) accounts for April through September.

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