Health and Fitness

13 Meal Prep Recipes For Weight Loss & Building Muscle

In need of inspiration? Try these 13 easy meal prep recipes for weight loss and building muscle. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of fitness, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for something other than plain chicken breast and broccoli, you need to try these tasty, and most importantly, easy meal prep recipes for muscle-building and fat loss. Why you need to meal prep: 1. Make healthy eating effortless Meal prep makes healthy eating easy. With a little forward planning, you won’t even have to think about cooking for days. Whether you’re looking to build…

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What features should a good laptop have?

The laptop market is a moderate to difficult business, mainly due to the limited upgrading capabilities that the user usually has. Therefore, before the final selection, a number of factors will have to be taken seriously into account, on the basis of which you will make your decision. What do we look at before buying a laptop and what are the components that make a laptop good or not? Let’s take them in turn … Quality of construction From there everything starts. Your will follow you where you come from:…

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Microsoft New Tech

A cheap Surface tablet is being prepared by Microsoft, according to Bloomberg

Cheap Surface Table is being prepared by in the year, according to a Bloomberg report yesterday. Microsoft’s goal is to hit Apple’sas well as more affordable Android apps that are very successful, especially at younger ages. The report states that the cheap Surface Tablet will have a value of around $ 400 and its screen will be about 10 inches smaller than the Surface Pro models. Another difference will be at the corners of the device that will be curved as on the iPad. The well-known kickstand will now be…

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New Tech

On May 22, the unveiling of YouTube Music

Spotify and Apple Music may be the big players in the music streaming service, but next week they will welcome a very strong player that everyone knows, YouTube Music. By announcing the , YouTube will offer not only videos but also music to those who are ready to join the new service at a price of $ 9.9 a month. The user will be able to listen to his favorite music, with the service offering even new songs and artists he may like. Music is played back in the background…

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House Αppliances

The best grill for your house

It’s time to get a good barbecue for your home. The variety of available models on the market is great and can meet your every need. The categories of barbecues are divided according to the size of the appliances and the way they are baked. Others are too small to be easy to carry, while others require plenty of space on the balcony or some other free space outside the house. As far as their mode of operation is concerned, some grills are used for baking, other gas and some…

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Android Smartphones

The BlackBerry Key2 will be featured on June 7th

And yet, the is still in the game of smartphones, after the last difficult years of anecdotal sales. In invitations sent to selected journalists, BlackBerry announces that its next top BlackBerry Key2 smartphone will be featured on June 7th at a special event. And for this model, BlackBerry will work with the Chinese manufacturer TCL as it happened for last year’s flagship company, KEYone. The invitation may not mention anything about the technical features of the device, but it gives us its name. In any case, we should expect the…

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Microsoft New Tech

With Your Phone app, Microsoft is bringing closer smartphone and PC

With Your Phone app, Microsoft is bringing closer smartphone and PC.Closer wants to bring your smartphone to your computer, so it is about to present an important Windows 10 application called The application that will soon be available to those who participate in the Windows Insider Testing Program supports a connection to or , allowing the user to see his mobile screen through the application and on his computer reaches Windows 10. Read also: Do you have a Twitter account? You should change your password So without having to look…

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Radically updated will be the new Windows 10 Clipboard

The Clipboard function has remained the same all the years keeping the copy so you are ready to use it when you select the paste option. The timing crew, however, has arrived for this operation, with Microsoft preparing a full upgrade to the next version of Windows 10 which is expected to be released in the fall. Already those who participate in the Windows Insider test program can have a first contact with the new Windows 10 Clipboard, which works closely with Cloud. This allows the user to comment not…

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How to

How do I properly clean my laptop screen?

How do I properly clean my laptop screen? Irrespective of technical features such as panel or analysis, all laptop screens have something in common: dust. There is nothing more irritating to the owner of a laptop than the dust that accumulates on his screen, deforming the colors and reducing the brightness. Many are reluctant to clean their laptop screen, fearing any damage they may inadvertently cause. And yet, cleaning a laptop screen is not a difficult matter, it comes to having two or three things in mind. Use a cleaning…

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House Samsung

The Samsung Family Hub smart fridge only … coffee does not

The Samsung Family Hub smart fridge only … coffee does not. Samsung has previously attempted to bring one of the smartest refrigerators in the world. This time in the CES 2018, the Samsung Families Hub has been re-introduced. The third version of the smart cooler brings with it the famous assistant of the Korean company Bixby and the impressive loud sound from AKG to make your time in the kitchen more entertaining. The right-hand door of the Samsung Family Hub has a huge screen and beyond it, everything else looks…

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Samsung Ιmage-Sound

Samsung The Wall

Every year, Samsung at CES has an impressive presence. So this time, she wanted to pull out all the looks on her with So what is this … Samsung wall? The Samsung Wall is the company’s ambitious plan besides a television, to present us with a new technology. Specifically, MicroLED TV technology. Aside from the huge size of 146 inches, the new Samsung TV is also impressive for its self-shining pixel. But let’s take things in turn. What is MicroLED Technology? MicroLED technology, in simple terms, is much smaller LEDs…

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New Tech Virtual World

The HTC Vive Focus is HTC’s answer to Oculus Go

HTC chose HTC’s unveiling of HTC Vive Focus, the company’s response to Oculus Go, in its standalone virtual reality systems that combine state-of-the-art technologies and do not need to connect to a computer or smartphone to function. Having decided to take a serious look at this area after Vibe’s release a few years ago, HTC has introduced a new wireless system that does not require external sensors since it has the ability to locate the actual user’s location in the three-dimensional space. A similar system also features Mixed Reality systems…

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