Google Would Love to Bring RCS to Your Phone, but US Carriers are Bad – Droid Life

Google Would Love to Bring RCS to Your Phone, but US Carriers are Bad – Droid Life

If you assumed that your US provider is the cause you haven’t been specified accessibility to RCS, which need to be the long term of SMS, you are possibly appropriate. Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer reported as substantially in a Tweet this weekend, when sharing information that they have entirely rolled out the new messaging technology to the Uk and France. So yeah, US carriers suck as considerably when it arrives to this messaging thing as you guessed.

To back up for a second, let’s recap what Lockheimer is referencing. Just over a thirty day period ago, The Verge documented that Google was heading to bypass carriers in the British isles and France and drive out RCS (or “Chat” messaging) on their personal, by way of their Android Messages app. Google in no way acknowledged any of the report publicly, didn’t compose up a single of their regular web site posts on what is a very big go, and has not reported a term about how this may all go down in the US. Nicely, right up until yesterday, when we had been informed that “RCS now absolutely rolled out” in these countries and that we should really anticipate the “next wave of nations around the world shortly.”

So that is fantastic that an individual from Google ultimately acknowledged these massive designs, but what Lockheimer provided in his Tweet about the US problem is depressingly just as we believed. You may possibly remember that I termed RCS “dumb” a week or so right before these new plans have been disclosed. I identified as RCS dumb due to the fact of what he’s talking about here. If you go away nearly anything up to US wi-fi carriers, your possibilities of at any time obtaining happiness are slender.

The specifics are scarce, but if Google is nonetheless striving to perform with US provider companions to get RCS out, relatively than power it through like they did in the Uk and France, I will not fault you for providing up all hope. Because operating with US carriers on this circumstance leaves us in the actual very same position we have been given that RCS was initial given the spotlight back again in 2016. In all those 3+ several years, we have witnessed RCS on a couple of Google phones that can maybe, form of speak to an additional Google cellphone below and there, but then we have also acquired a Samsung or OnePlus cell phone that supposedly have RCS, nevertheless can not chat to each other or all those Google phones. Which is all many thanks to US carriers wanting their personal RCS platforms that will not communicate to other RCS platforms.

I would just like to know why Google is not completely ready to press RCS via with no their aid. It’s a person of those predicaments we’ll almost certainly never thoroughly know and that’s far too bad. I just cannot assistance but consider back again to the early Google Wallet/Google Spend times, wherever the carriers lied to our faces above and more than again about blocking that application, all for the reason that they experienced established their possess inferior payment app they needed us to use in its place.

Right up until they notify me otherwise, I’m heading to think the worst. US carriers suck.

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