Getting Sick in Space

Getting Sick in Space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrates how to contain vomit in space.


50 thoughts on “Getting Sick in Space

  1. if your sick in space wouldnt the puke be stuck in your throat unless your moving backwards seeing as there no gravity that means theres no gravitational pull so the puke wont force itself out instead just be floating inside you and inside your throat which might possibly kill you right?

  2. NASA is The greatest financial scam in american history. They stole billions if not trillions of dollars from the unsuspecting gullible american public for more than 60 years and if that wasn't horrible enough, they brainwashed the entire planet about the Earth being a planet which it isn't and told the world that space exists and we have gone to the moon and we will go to Mars now and the universe is infinite…The only thing that is infinite so far is how much they can lie to the world and get away with it…lol…Lying sacks of masonic satanistic evil shit…I got just a few words to describe the astro-nuts that work for NASA which stands for many things but here is a simple translation of the initials: Not A Space Agency or Never A Straight Answer and I am being too nice here! The actor-nuts working for NASA are a bunch of donkey raping shit eating piss drinking fart smelling masonic evil satan and sun worshipping low life big time losers lying sacks of shit who are making our world a much worse place to live in…Fortunately, nothing lasts forever and one day when they croak for good, NOBODY will shed a single tear for the worst scammers and liars humanity has ever seen. Long live the truth.

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