Engineering Connections (Richard Hammond) – Space Shuttle | Science Documentary | Reel Truth Science

Engineering Connections (Richard Hammond) - Space Shuttle | Science Documentary | Reel Truth Science

Richard Hammond reveals the engineering connections in NASA’s Space Shuttle – the world’s first re-usable space craft. He goes backstage at Kennedy Space Centre, in Florida, to discover how an organ pump, tram tracks, a WWII anti-sonar device, a camera iris and a cannonball all helped create the most technologically advanced machine ever engineered by man. Conceived in the early 1970’s as the successor to the Apollo Moon missions, the Shuttle is a delivery system, designed to transport payloads such as the Hubble Telescope, and most of the International Space Station, into orbit, and return for its next cargo. The delivery van is the Orbiter – what most people call the Shuttle – which is mated with a huge external fuel tank and rocket boosters which are all jettisoned. Surviving the huge destructive forces of travelling to space and returning in usable form called for ingenious engineering compromises. The Shuttle is a rocket for the first part of its life, then morphs into a plane for the return journey.

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49 thoughts on “Engineering Connections (Richard Hammond) – Space Shuttle | Science Documentary | Reel Truth Science

  1. Jokes on you, I do have compressed oxygen gas in a tank in my kitchen. Real easy to get when you go to a store for trades and industrial uses. Sort of strange that the manufacturers don't ask for your certifications or if you are licensed to handle it or really any chemical that could be used in a lab setting.

  2. this doc appears to say that NASA engineers had NO IDEA about sound wave destruction during lift off? it was only after the first launches they noticed the destruction of the pad THEN they had to investigate why and devise the water injection sound dampening system. that's the way this doc kinda presented that issue? if so, that's really scary the engineers didn't predict it! on a 2nd point, i think the shuttle was a complete disaster waiting to happen and each mission the crew were at risk and narrowing escaping catastrophic failure. if this program was sound why wouldn't the USA continue with more shuttles? the USA hasn't been able to put a human in space for eight years and only relying on trump's russian handlers to launch americans into space. it shows you that even today with all the USA's great technology, scientists and wealth it is extremely difficult to put a human JUST INTO ORBIT. i just have a gut feeling there is something strange going on.

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  4. As far as I know, Shuttle Columbia wasn't destroyed by re-entering the earth's atmosphere. It occured while it is trying to exit earth's atmosphere. But overall the video was great and very informative! Kudos!

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