396lb Electronic Body Weight Scale Backlit LCD Digital Bathroom Fitness 180kg 8863970930423

You get what you pay for . . .

I was looking for an inexpensive, attractive, and functional scale for the bathroom. It took almost two weeks to receive, and while it gives the weight in kilograms, pounds, and some other measurement that I’m not familiar with, it was manufactured with the switch to change these weight readings on the back of the scale, nearly on the floor.

When I step on the scale, unless I’m REALLY careful not to step too far forward, (I nearly have to stand on the back of the weight-plate, which likely throws the measurement off anyway), the scale will change from pounds to kilograms in the middle of a weigh-in, to that other measurement. then kilograms. It’s very frustrating, and as a result, I can’t get comparative measurements from day-to-day, which is why I bought this product in the first place.

It was cheap, and sort of nice-looking, but it’s really not very functional. Once again, you get what you pay for . . .

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