3 fragrant plants for your balcony that you can plant without bother

There are many fragrant plants that you can easily have on your balcony to use in your cooking. Below you will see some of the most easily fragrant plants that anyone can have at home without any trouble.

The dill is one of the finest aromatic plants, ideal for cooking with peas.
In a large pot we put the seeds from the dill, it should have enough air and sun and the soil to be invasive and cool. Sowing the dill is from March to May. During this time we continue sowing so that the performance is successive and continuous. Seeds should be minimally covered with soil during sowing. When the first young plants begin to emerge they should dilute between them an ideal distance is 45-50 cm. You will see that until October you will have fresh dill in your home. You can harvest again seeds to plant the next year the period we gather the seeds is from July to late September.

Fresh onions can be used in too many foods and salads give a strong flavor to any food and salad. It is an aromatic plant that can easily be planted in its pot.

The easiest way is to get ready plants and transplant them. However you can get seeds. You will need a large glazing, where you will have enough thick sand at the bottom. It should be in place with enough light. Seeds should be minimally covered with soil. You should remove the flowers that come out to prevent the plant from falling into a plant mine. No excessive water needed.

The laurel leaves have many uses in the food.

In this case we would suggest you buy a ready plant because a developed plant will keep you far more than a young one if you are a beginner with gardening. Harvest can be done all the time.

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