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A cheap Surface tablet is being prepared by Microsoft, according to Bloomberg

Cheap Surface Table is being prepared by [amazon_textlink asin=’B072K5TXGT’ text=’Microsoft’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mdsh-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5e2c8add-5b87-11e8-8407-1d9210ac3a71′] in the year, according to a Bloomberg report yesterday. Microsoft’s goal is to hit Apple’s[amazon_textlink asin=’B079P5D9BC’ text=’ iPad ‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mdsh-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6ce8aa7a-5b87-11e8-865c-87d2d8346d57′]as well as more affordable Android apps that are very successful, especially at younger ages. The report states that the cheap Surface Tablet will have a value of around $ 400 and its screen will be about 10 inches smaller than the Surface Pro models. Another difference will be at the corners of the…

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On May 22, the unveiling of YouTube Music

Spotify and Apple Music may be the big players in the music streaming service, but next week they will welcome a very strong player that everyone knows, YouTube Music. By announcing the [amazon_textlink asin=’0193372649′ text=’Music service’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mdsh-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d1e07f25-5b72-11e8-99cc-79abe70b2678′], YouTube will offer not only videos but also music to those who are ready to join the new service at a price of $ 9.9 a month. The user will be able to listen to his favorite music, with the service offering even new songs and artists he may like.…

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